My jQuery impressions

jQuery is a great library. I use jQuery in several of my projects and have to say that it is the best library I have ever used. Its a easily extendable as well. For the past, I have been using the drag and drop features, they perform much better than what the ASP.NET ajax library. Recently I also tried the Table drag and drop plugin, which allows you to change the row positions of a table; and guess what it works like a charm.

jQuery 1.3 was released just few days back and has lots of improvements as well as new features. Nettus has a nice summary of the new features along with charts and other statistics to show the goodness of the latest release. Our very own member Xun Ding, has several jQuery articles to help you get started - checkout his blog:

I strongly recommend the jQuery library.

Published Thursday, January 29, 2009 11:33 AM by sonu


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