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I've been playing around with Atlas lately and decided to try to integrate an Atlas control extender into a ready-to-use web control. What I like most are the callback capabilities, but since many implementations already exist (kudos to this one ...
ATLAS UpdateProgressSignup: get a notification of UpdatePanel's events
UPDATE 03/09/2006: This post has a follow up, please read this for the updates. One of the most asked questions on the ATLAS forums - one I asked myself just yesterday - is about how to get a notification when the UpdatePanels in the page perform their...
A ScriptAculoUs autocomplete web control
To the reader - this post has evolved much and contains many comments. You don't need to read through them all to find things which have been forgotten or to find bug fixes and new features, because each of them, if valuable, has already been included...
Misc resources for ASP.NET
ASP.NET Property Grid , a cool ASP.NET web control. NUnitASP , unit testing for ASP.NET. RSSBus , interconnection to its limits! YUI , the new version of YAHOO! User Interface Library is out, with so many new features is absolutely to see. http://www...
Template merging with NVelocity and ASP.NET
Some time ago I wrote an article for CodeProject about merging templates with NVelocity . For those who don't know what template merging means, think about a newsletter management system which needs to send emails to website users. Website admins may...
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First Post | BusyBoxDotNet
Hi everyone, my name's Simone and I'm an Italian developer. This is my first post on DotNetSlackers, although I have been blogging at DevAuthority and in my own language at UgiDotNet - the Italian .NET User Group - for a quite while. In fact I have decided...
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