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ScriptAculoUs.Net on Sourceforge Project Hosting
All my projects are grouped under one main repository located on Sourceforge , together with my main project, BusyBoxDotNet . The source code can be accessed via Subversion. Here are the links: Project homepage:
LiteBoxAlbum: Autogenerate LightBox-like photo albums
UPDATE 10/08/06: A couple new features, read the bottom of the post for details. Yesterday I posted about how I created a couple ASP.NET web controls to make it easy to generate a photo gallery using the LiteBox library. Ok now I have to make a confession...
LightBox with ASP.NET
If you don't know what LightBoxes are check out the list at blinklist . Among them two implementantions caught my attention, the original LightBox JS 2.0 by Lokesh Dhakar and the lighter LiteBox by Tyler Mulligan. The final result is exactly the same...
SweetTitles - fading tooltips (and my extender)
Dustin Diaz , among other cool things, has written a nice Javascript library called SweetTitles to convert hyperlink's Title attribute (Tooltip property in ASP.NET HyperLink web controls) - those yellow popups appearing when you hover the mouse over them...
Reflection for images... not *that* Reflection!
First just relax, I'm not talking about *that* Reflection , instead about reflecting images. Yes I said that. Thomas Fuchs, the inventor of , whom you may have guessed I like pretty much, has an exciting post on his blog where he shows...
Misc resources for ASP.NET
ASP.NET Property Grid , a cool ASP.NET web control. NUnitASP , unit testing for ASP.NET. RSSBus , interconnection to its limits! YUI , the new version of YAHOO! User Interface Library is out, with so many new features is absolutely to see. http://www...

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