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2 Parts post on Building jQuery and ASP.Net AJAX Enabled Controls with jQueryCollapsiblePanelExtender Sample
At the end of the last month (September 2008) Microsoft announced that it will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward . It was a great news for all ASP.NET developers who are jQuery fans as well as jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX folks like me. Before...
Username Availability Validator almost ready, the early demo
Few weeks ago Dave started the Advanced ASP.NET AJAX Server Controls book giveaway contest . And yesterday he announced that the control is almost completed, but the contest door is still open. So I thought to grape the bits and start testing it and build...
Master\Detail with CollapsiblePanelExtender and edit detail with HoverMenuExtender using GridView
Last year, Matt posted a cool post about How To: Use the HoverMenuExtender for GridView RowCommands . Last month I got an e-mail from Justin Riggs , he was trying to combine to things. The usage of HoverMenuExtender as described in Matt's post , and...
Back to April 2007 I posted about building an ASP.NET AJAX ComboBox. It was an attempt to rewrite a ComboBox Control I made to fulfil certain issues I faced with 3rd Party Controls. One of those issue was performance as most of 3rd Party control are rendering...
Using Script# to build ASP.NET AJAX Enabled Controls
Recently I’ve finished reading the marvelous book ASP.NET AJAX IN ACTION . After that I thought to start build some simple ASP.NET AJAX Enabled Controls. Unfortunately I’m not an advanced JavaScript developer and I consider most of the scripts I wrote...