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MSDN Magazine Cutting Edge: ASP.NET AJAX
Dino Esposito wrote a serious about ASP.NET AJAX on MSDN Magazine Cutting Edge section. I would like to share these good links with you so here they are: Happy AJAXfying
Tip: Generating Local Resource Files

As I was working on multingual User Interface project; it was needed to generate resource files for all aspx & ascx files.
I knew that VS.NET 2005 has a local resource file generator. But it was weird when I select my ASPX page or user control and go to Tool menu and find that there are no Generate Local Resources command on the menu!

It didn't take so much time, I found the solution on ASP.NET Forums. It was simple: "he menu 'Tools > Generate Local Resources' is available when you display an aspx page or ascx". Also you must switch to design veiw before you Generate your local resources.