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ASP.NET AJAX In Action Book

Currently I'm enjoying reading ASP.NET AJAX In Action Book written by Alessandro Gallo, David Barkol, and Rama Krishna Vavilala. As the time I'm writing this post, I've finished Part 1 and comming across Chapter 8. So far I found the book very informative with rich examples and samples in a tutorial like fashion. Beside I enjoy the writers way of delivering the information so the book is not boring.

This is my first Book to read about ASP.NET AJAX so I cannot tell this is the best book in the market. But I've a glance look at some other books published earlier and I found that ASP.NET AJAX In Action is one of the best and maybe would be at the top of those best books.

The book is 100% fits ASP.NET AJAX newbies -Like me!- as well as those advanced developers and I think it would fit to be used as a reference later.

The book digs deep into ASP.NET AJAX and show how things are managed under the hood with easy and simple way. For example the books explains how the UpdatePanel works and how it is interacting with ScriptManager and PageRequestManager showing the different client events related to PageRequestManager client Class.

The book covers every aspect of ASP.NET AJAX Library showing also its limitations and solutions or work arounds to these limitations.

I give this book a rate 10 out of 10 and a big thank to the authors. Of Course I recommend this book as a first choice to those who wish to learn ASP.NET AJAX in deep with simple advanced book.


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