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I admit at one point, I really didn't know what test-driven development was.  I would build the frame of an object, or the object itself, an then test immediately afterward, but I didn't see the advantage of test driven development.  Most of this comes from the fact that at work I use VB, and I hate seeing the squiggly lines when an object doesn't exist.  To me, that sets me back some and can distract me mentally.

But, with the Reminder.NET project, after reading Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns by Nilsson, I am convinced of this and plan  to use this with the rest of the project, when I can get to it.  In looking at his examples, it really made sense to me that creating the test helps flesh out the interface, and I've seen how on one of my other projects that it could have been better if I had done that. 

Unfortunately, I get little computer time at home to work on Reminder.NET, and when I do, I usually have something else to work on.  I apologize for that, as I have let this go by the wayside some.  I will get back to this, as this is a tool I plan to use for my personal needs as well.

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