Next Release Beginning

I just wanted to drop a note that I will be beginning the 1.1 version of Reminder.NET, which will have some new features planned.  The next set of features, after talking with the users, will include some additions to the expirations part of the project, such as allowing additional custom values to expire by.  In addition, notifications is an important feature, and this was deemed necessary.

There were some readability issues in the names we chosen, such as the base class MetadataElement/MetadataAttribute.  Entity/Properties was a better association, so this change was made to MetadataEntity/MetadataProperty.  In addition, several refactorings need to be made, as other projects I did had a better approach, so I will be making those changes as well, as you will see.  This should be a very useful several iterations to increase the value of the product.


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