I've decided to stop there and release the product.  I've placed the zip file that contains the executable and DLL's on CodePlex (under planned releases, or link directly).    I haven't gotten the source code out there yet; I will when I can overcome some technical difficulties.  What I plan to do is this:  I'm going to let this project go for a couple of months (or so; I don't have an exact figure in mind).  I ask that all of you download it, run it, and find any bugs associated with the tool.  Also, figure out things that you would like to see, and enter bugs/features into the Issue Tracker tool.  There is also a forum where you can post about the project; I will try to answer questions if I can, and expand the list of forums that are out there.

Furthermore, when using it, whether the feature is large or small, if you believe it is beneficial, put it in the issue tracker.  You are my user base, and this will craft the shape of the project to come.

Thanks for reading the blog, and I hope it has been of benefit to you.  Any future posting will be minimal until it starts up again, so it will be on hiatus. When I get the code out there, I'll post and let you know.


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