.NET Framework Recognizing Changes

I was working with my application the other day, and upon saving a page, without closing the browser, I realized that the framework detected the change immediately and automatically.  I was astonished at how that worked; I could tell it was working because you could see it was taking a lot longer to process the page, like it usually does when you first load the application.

I saw about this reading Dino Esposito's Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 Advanced Applications.  Upon compilation on the first page load, the page is compiled, which it notes the file dependencies.  Upon updating the page assembly, it is renamed with a ".delete" extension, which is OK to do and won't cause an error.  This occurs every time that the page assembly is updated, up to a maximum number of times (set in the web.config file), and then the application is restarted.


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