jBlogMvc : part 3 Themable View Engine, Archive and Filtering by year, month and day

NOTE: In this series I build a blogengine using ASP.NET MVC and jQuery from scratch in order to learn more about these new technologies. If you haven't read the first post in this series, I would encourage you do to that first, or check out the jBlogMvc category. You can also always subscribe to the feeds.

jBlogMvc is converted to be used on ASP.NET MVC Beta 1 if you haven't downloaded it yet you can find it here, to read about the changes and additions in the beta 1 I do recommend reading ScottGu's asp net mvc beta1 announcement if you haven't already read it.

This part had witnessed a big change in project structure hence the new release of the beta1 and building a themable folder structure as shown in the pic.

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Published Saturday, November 01, 2008 4:10 AM by amrelsehemy


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