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Sonu on .NET
DotNetSlackers blog
Sonu, sonuk1   AjaxDataControls V2 - Try it - Pre beta release!  61  71  23 
the darkside explained for the rest of us
.NET 3.0, Sharepoint 2007 and anything else Microsoft pushes out
ramseur   test post 
Kuldeep Deokule (C#, SOA, VB.NET, ASP.NET Blog)
kuldeep deokule   Step by step: FormAuthentication using Database 
Brian Mains Blog
This blog will discuss features about .NET, both windows and web development.
bmains   Entity Framework 4 and "The conversion of a datetime2 data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value."  286  1,903  613 
Derek Smyth's Software Development Blog
dsmyth   Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) 2007-2008  69  21 
jonathan's blog
jminond   .NET Framework 2.0 + WCF + WPF + WF + WCS = .NET Framework 3.0 
murugangs   To flip or rotate the screen in windows xp 
SimoneB's Blog
A passionate developer's track
simoneb, SimoneBusoli   Back to blogging, but I moved  48  363  111 
Garbin   IronPython for ASP.NET CTP  77 
Garbin, Sonu   Blog rules 
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