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Windows UX Design Specialist exam

Laurent Duveau, January 9, 2014
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I am pleasantly surprised by the release of a new Microsoft exam focused on design! Exam 74-353: Windows UX Design This exam validat...

Re-Awarded Microsoft MVP for 2014!

Laurent Duveau, January 1, 2014
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I am thrilled and honored that once again, one of the very first email of the year is announcing my MVP Award, for a 8th years in a row. With a change this time: I have joined the Client Development...

How to Export content from RadRichTextBox to a variety of formats in WPF or Silverlight

the telerik blogs, August 20, 2013
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The team is delighted to introduce Kunal Chowdhury as a guest blogger on the Telerik XAML blog. Kunal is a Microsoft MVP (Silverlight), a Telerik MVP, a CodeProject MVP & Mentor, speaker, author, a pa...

Why I am Unlikely to Attend the Fall 2013 MVP Summit

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., August 1, 2013
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Ive been asked so many time if Im going to the fall MVP Summit and then when I respond no or probably not, explaining why. Heres why. I had already committed to two back-to-back conferences in late ...

Updating Common Controls for Older Applications to Support Windows 8

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, July 30, 2013
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There are times that you may need to install an older Windows application especially something developed using Visual Basic 6 or earlier. In these cases, you should always ensure that the installed ap...

The Basics of ASP.NET Performance Optimization

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 4, 2013
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Microsoft MVP Tiago Pascoal goes through the best practices, tools, and techniques he uses to optimize the performance of web applications....

Using MVP with ASP.NET Web Forms

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 12, 2013
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A quick example of using MVP with ASP.NET Web Forms....

A Coder Interview With Omar Al Zabir

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 16, 2013
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Welcome to our continuing series of Code Project interviews in which we talk to developers about their backgrounds, projects, interests and pet peeves. In this installment we talk to Omar Al Zabir, a ...

Windows Azure Global Bootcamp on April 27th sign up now

ScottGus Blog, April 13, 2013
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On April 27, something very cool is happening. A bunch of Windows Azure MVP's and community activists are organizing a Global Windows Azure Bootcamp. This is a completely free, one-day training event ...

MVP.Years++ one more time

Sahil Malik -, April 1, 2013
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SharePoint 2010 Training: more information April 1st, fools day, I was ner...

WinForms MVP - An MVP Framework for WinForms

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 5, 2013
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A basic introduction to the WinForms MVP framework and how to use it....

MVC v/s MVP - How Common and How Different

The Code Project Latest Articles, January 24, 2013
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A comparative introduction to MCV and MVP...

Starting a User Group

Eli Robillards World of Blog., January 2, 2013
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At this year's SharePoint Conference there was an active Community Zone where people could learn more about user groups, MVPs, and current events in the SharePoint community. I answered questions in t...

Re-Awarded Microsoft MVP for 2013!

Laurent Duveau, January 2, 2013
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The first day of a new year is always a special moment for me, one of the very first email of the year announcing my MVP Award, since 7 years in a row now. 2012 has been an incredible ride, I got a s...

Reflections on 2012

youve been HAACKED, January 1, 2013
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I wasnt prepared to write an end-of-year blog post given the impending destruction of the world via a Mayan prophesied cataclysmic fury. But since that didnt pan out I figured Id better get typing. ...

Building Windows 8 Apps with C# and XAML book review

Laurent Duveau, December 13, 2012
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You are a .NET/C# developer ? Maybe you already had the chance to play with XAML in Silverlight or WPF ? And now you want to create Windows 8 Store apps ? You should really consider this book as yo...

Being a Microsoft MVP for 10 Years

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, November 16, 2012
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First of all, thanks to all who are involved with the Microsoft MVP program for acknowledging the technical community. It is much appreciated. Its hard to believe, but its been 10 years since I first...

How RadControls for Windows 8 Helped Get into the Windows 8 Store Ahead of the Platforms Launch

the telerik blogs, November 5, 2012
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For, the worlds leading online hotel and accommodation reservations agency, getting its app in the Windows 8 store ahead of the platforms official launch date was essential.  For Meth...

Slides, Source Code and Video to the RadControls for WinForms Webinar Now Available

the telerik blogs, October 24, 2012
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INTRODUCTIONHello everyone,I wanted to personally thank you all for attending the WinForms Webinar today. As I promised in the webinar all of the materials are now available for you to download and ex...

I'm a Microsoft MVP... Again

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, October 2, 2012
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So, I’ve been officially renewed as a Microsoft MVP again. Too often, I’m asked about the MVP program. I’m asked what it is, what it means to get it, and how I was nominated and won...

2012 Microsoft MVP

Joe Brinkman, July 3, 2012
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Every year since 2004 I have had the unique privilege to receive an email on Canada Day ( July 1st ) from Microsoft with a subject line of Congratulations Microsoft MVP!. The tradition continued this ...

Microsoft Declares the Future of ASP.NET is Web API

Joe Brinkman, June 17, 2012
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Sitting on a plane on my way home from Tech Ed 2012 in Orlando, I thought it would be a good time to jot down some key takeaways from this years conference. Some of these items I have known since the ...

Last Day With OrcsWeb

Scott Forsyths WebLog, May 19, 2012
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Its hard to believe that its been 10 years since my first day at OrcsWeb. Today is my last official day, but Ill still be close by. I have a number of ties here, including being a customer through Vaa...

How does e-shipping works on e-store?

ASP.NET Announcements, May 17, 2012
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Hi All eCommerce Enthusiasts, Today a new version of Scalable and Complete #opensource #ASP.NET eCommerce solution ~ @AspxCommerce 1.1 is Released! Explore its extensible Fetaures and Powers http://as...

Not Happy With the Monochrome Visual Studio 11 Beta UI

WebLog of Ken Cox [MVP], April 3, 2012
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I cant wait for a third-party to come out with tools to return some colour to the flat, monochrome look of Visual Studio 11 (beta). What bugs me most are the icons. I feel like a newbie when I have ...

Thinking of a startup: start small and start now!

the telerik blogs, April 2, 2012
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Over the past few months, Ive judged both the Startup Weekend and ServiceJam in Hong Kong, attended pitch nights, and spoke at some start-up networking events. Almost all aspiring entrepreneurs who I...

MVP.Years++ ; // Thanks Microsoft

Sahil Malik -, April 1, 2012
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SharePoint 2010 Training: more information Even though today is April fool...

Synopsis of the Microsoft MVP Summit 2012 New Articles, March 4, 2012
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Major features from the Microsoft MVP Summit 2012 in Redmond  read moreBy Peter Bromberg...

Do You Have the Passion?

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, March 2, 2012
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Today is the last day of the MVP Summit. This is my fifth year being an ASP.NET MVP, and I try to squeeze every once of enjoyment I can out of the program and the Summit especially. Now that I am a se...

Upcoming Presentations and Other Enterprise Mobility Stuff

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, March 1, 2012
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So far this has been an exciting year and the upcoming week should be really exciting. This week I am attending the Microsoft MVP Summit in Bellevue and getting a lot of great information about the up...

Lumia800 bundle unboxing

Code Climber, March 1, 2012
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I wanted to buy a Nokia Lumia 800 for a while now, but since I wanted to buy it for Daniela I wanted to buy the pink magenta version, and I couldnt find it neither in Italy nor in Belgium. Since Im no...

Microsoft MVP Summit, GeekGive! (3rd year for me), February 26, 2012
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For the past two years, a day before the Microsoft MVP Summit a GeekGive has been organized where about 50 or so of us all go to some location and help with community building activities. Three years ...

Glenn Berry: DBA of the Day

Simple Talk, February 23, 2012
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Glenn Berry works as a Database Architect at Avalara in Bainbridge Island, Washington. He is a SQL Server MVP, and has a whole collection of Microsoft certifications, including MCITP, MCDBA, MCSE, MCS...

GitHub Drinkup MVP Edition

youve been HAACKED, February 23, 2012
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Next week Microsoft hosts its annual MVP Summit. So what better time for me to host my first GitHub Drinkup MVP Edition at the Tap House Grill! Not an MVP? Nonsense! You are in my book, so show up! ...

Microsoft Field Evangelist: Egan, Palermo, Terkaly, Villalobos

Scott Cates WebLog, February 15, 2012
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Most of you know Im pretty very well connected into Microsoft. Mostly because its been my playground for the last few decades. Ive been an MVP since 2003, and Regional Directory since 2011, and my com...

Do community because you like it, not because of the incentives

Code Climber, January 6, 2012
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Every time there is a MVP renewal there is always some tweet or posts from people not being re-awarded, but this New Year re-awarding cycle was different: a few vocal and prominent community members d...

On Microsoft MVP Program

Keyvan Nayyeri, January 5, 2012
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Every once in a while, Microsoft releases the list of new and renewed MVPs and usually a bunch of congratulation messages appear on social networks and blogs, and there is also some stuff against...

Recognition Compensation

youve been HAACKED, January 5, 2012
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Mary Poppendieck writes the following in Unjust Deserts (pdf), a paper on compensation systems (emphasis mine), There is no greater de-motivator than a reward system that is perceived to be unfair...

Silverlight MVP += 1

Laurent Duveau, January 1, 2012
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Sweet first email of the year announcing that Ive just been re-awarded Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft for Silverlight. This is my 6th year in a row as an MVP so I am very grateful!...

On Microsoft Community

Keyvan Nayyeri, November 27, 2011
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Phil Haack wrote a post reflecting his opinions on the current status of the so-called Microsoft community (I hardly can use that name to refer to these groups of people around Microsoft products) and...

My 10th Consecutive Microsoft MVP Award

Colt Kwongs Blog, November 11, 2011
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I'm delighted and proud to receive a parcel recently because I got my 10th MVP award token last week! It's my 10th MVP award and I saw different kinds of trophies and souvenirs over the past...

A temporary disagreement

Simple Talk, October 28, 2011
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Last month, Phil Factor caused a furore amongst some MVPs with an article that dared to suggest that for reasonably small-scale strategic uses, and with a bit of due care and testing, table variables ...

Use the Google Books API With Excel New Articles, October 8, 2011
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This article shows you how to pick up Book information from a table of ISBN numbers and generally how to use Google APIS from Excel.  read moreBy bruce mcpherson...

The Crazy Ones, One More Thing and Apple

HackingSilverlight, October 5, 2011
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I found out today that Steve Jobs has died today. I know over the years I've had a love hate relationship with Apple, some of you know me for my work as a Silverlight MVP drinking the kooliade but in...

MVP for another year

Code Climber, October 2, 2011
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Yesterday, while I was enjoying this strange beginning of October on the beach, I received the email from Microsoft notifying me about the renewal of my MVP award: this time for the 4th time. I want ...

Its Pronounced Mo-sjun

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, September 19, 2011
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Today I am very excited to announce Moesion , Tellago Studios latest product. Not only did I work on this product with a great team loaded with fellow Microsoft MVPs, I have wanted this product since ...

How to create an Excel application that would populate an Excel table with GeoCoded data (Country, State, Street, postal code, co-ordinates etc), given potentially incomplete addresses. It would be pa New Articles, September 5, 2011
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Given addresses in various states of accuracy, to complete each data column in an Excel table with data (city, state, co-ordinates, anything else we can find) derived from the response to a RESTful ge...

David J Kelley Named Phone 7 Developer Hero of the Week

HackingSilverlight, August 31, 2011
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Microsoft Names David Kelley Windows Phone 7 Developer of the Week Hero:""David Kelleys background in UX and as a Silverlight MVP set him up to be a great mobile app developer, which lets him pursue...

Excel: How to get Google Docs Spreadsheet data into Excel New Articles, July 13, 2011
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How to get 'live' data from a Google Docs spreadsheet into Excel. This article pulls together other work from previous articles on Google Visualization, Excel to jSon Serialization and various other r...

Ive been accepted as a Microsoft Regional Director

Scott Cates WebLog, May 22, 2011
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Im happy to have accepted the prestigious Microsoft Regional Director award in February, 2011. The Regional Director program is an award that is given to outstanding community members, who support th...