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Microsoft Outlook Integration with .NET

Federal Developer Weblog, September 26, 2007
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I found this great article by Rachel Wireman and how-to documentation on building Outlook integration functionality with C#, and it has downloadable source code. She covers, General Outlook integrati...

Instant C++ C# to C++ Converter

ASP.NET Announcements, October 21, 2005
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We've just released version 1.0 of the Instant C++ C# to C++ converter.  Instant C++ converts to either C++/CLI (2005) or Managed C++ (2003).Instant C++ converts C# projects, folders, files, and ...

Create And Run Excel Macro At Runtime in C#

ASP.NET Daily Articles, May 2, 2005
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Here's a quick tip regarding how to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets from scratch at runtime. Plus, implement and run VBA macro source code in your C# application dynamically at runtime....

A Web Spider Library in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 10, 2006
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An article about a spider library to grab websites and store them locally....

C# Design time custom panel (drag and drop into it)- web custom control

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 31, 2006
Views: 7,252 | Hits 1,215

Create a custom panel that can expand/contract and that you can nest other controls in....

Creating Custom Configuration Section C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 18, 2007
Views: 5,877 | Hits 1,143

Creation of a Custom Configuration Section Similar to AppSettings. Stores settings for both Development and Production environments and returns the appropriate settings based on the machines configura...

Creating PDFs with C# using Ghostscript - The #1 ASP.NET Community, November 5, 2007
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PDF has become a standard for secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents around the world. This article aims at using C# and Ghostscript to convert various other documents i...

Encrypting Passwords in a .NET app.config File

JonGalloway.ToString(), April 13, 2008
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I've been contributing to the Witty project lately. I'm a fan of Twitter, and it's nice to work on a popular WPF application with some hotshot coders including a WPF pro like Alan Le. Lately, I notice...

Build ReST based Web Services in .NET/C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 12, 2009
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A ReST based Web Service for C#....

Read a word document (.Doc , .rtf , .txt ) from ASP.Net and C# New Articles, September 4, 2006
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Here is the code that helps to read any document (like .doc, .rtf , txt )from specified location. By J S...

How to export a Crystal Report using C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 9, 2007
Views: 6,245 | Hits 768

This article describes how to use C# to customize exporting a Crystal Report...

Low-Level Keyboard Hook in C#

Stephen Toub, May 3, 2006
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I answered a question today where someone asked for an example of setting a low-level keyboard hook with C#. I actually have an example of doing so in my May 2006 MSDN Magazine article on Managed Debu...

DotNetNuke 4 C# Compiled Module Starter Kit

BiteTheBullet - Latest 25 Items, January 27, 2007
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Download my DotNetNuke 4.x C# compile module starter kit that allows you to rapidly develop modules using Visual Studio 2005 and C#.Create compiled C# modules with easy and speed every time!...

HOW TO: Set a Windows Hook in Visual C# .NET (Q318804) :: .NET Framework 2.0, May 8, 2002
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This article describes how to set a hook that is specific to a thread and to a hook procedure by using the mouse hook as an example. You can use hooks to monitor certain types of events. You can assoc...

Compact and Repair an Access Database Programmatically Using C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 21, 2007
Views: 5,755 | Hits 703

A simple method that compacts and repairs a Microsoft Access database file using the Microsoft Jet library and C# COM interop. The example code is meant to be integrated into an ASP.NET web site....

Low-Level Mouse Hook in C#

Stephen Toub, May 3, 2006
Views: 5,746 | Hits 680

After my last post on implementing low-level keyboard hooks in C#, Soumitra asked if it was possible to implement a low-level mouse hook in C#, too.  Sure.  Here is an example that will...

<see> Tags in XML Comments in C#

Rick Strahls WebLog, December 21, 2007
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I'm fixing few issues in Html Help Builder related to HTML comments and how they are imported into Html Help Builder. While I'm working with this I'm checking things in VB and C# and I have to say tha...

C# MSMQ - Send and Receive XML New Articles, December 11, 2006
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Here's an article which can you give you better idea on "How to send and receive XML files using MSMQ", this application was developed using C# and let us see more in detail how it works and where i...

What Does Protected Internal Mean?

youve been HAACKED, October 30, 2007
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Pop quiz for you C# developers out there. Will the following code compile? //In Foo.dll public class Kitty { protected internal MakeSomeNoise() { Console.WriteLine("I'm in ur serverz fixing ...

Create 3D Pie Charts with Super 2d/3d Graph Library (C# code)

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 22, 2007
Views: 5,384 | Hits 602

This sample code will produce a PNG-format image of a random 3d pie chart...

Collection Initializers

youve been HAACKED, January 6, 2008
Views: 1,779 | Hits 598

File this in my learn something new every day bucket. I received an email from Steve Maine after he read a blog post in which I discuss the anonymous object as dictionary trick that Eilon came up with...

Implementing a Generic Data Transfer Object in C# - The #1 ASP.NET Community, March 27, 2007
Views: 3,554 | Hits 595

This article discusses how we can implement a Data Transfer Object (DTO) in C# with code examples....

Thumbnail Images in GridView using C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 22, 2007
Views: 4,890 | Hits 593

Thumbnail Images in GridView using C#...

Security Image Generator (Captcha)

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 26, 2007
Views: 4,524 | Hits 556

You can use this code in your C# projects to keep those more scure. (with refresh image method without refresh page)...

Decoupling Business Logic Layer from the User Interface Layer using C#...

DotNetJohn.Com, December 9, 2007
Views: 3,504 | Hits 547

In this article Joydip examines how to decouple the User Interface layer from the Business Logic Layer with the help of code samples....

Build a C# .NET Zip folder backup utility

ASP.NET Daily Articles, September 24, 2005
Views: 4,717 | Hits 540

Zip Backups have become almost ubiquitous, but the various zip and rar utilities often don't have all the command line switches we need. One answer is, "roll your own" ! Thanks to Mike Krueger and ...

Using BITS to Upload Files with .NET

Simple Talk, September 4, 2006
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Although FTP is commonly used to transfer files over the Internet, it's somewhat unfriendly to firewalls. Phil Wilson shows you how to create a BITS upload program using C#, which will transfer files ...

The Using Statement And Disposable Value Types

youve been HAACKED, August 11, 2006
Views: 2,355 | Hits 512

A while ago Ian Griffiths wrote about an improvement to his TimedLock class in which he changed it from a class to a struct. This change resulted in a value type that implements IDisposable. I had ...

Implementing C# Generic Collections using ICollection

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 8, 2007
Views: 3,077 | Hits 512

An article explaining one way to implement a generic collection in C# using ICollection with an example Business Logic Layer...

Reading content of Web Folder in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, March 1, 2006
Views: 3,579 | Hits 501

Some analysis of different ways of how to get the list of files in a web folder (including SharePoint) programmatically, and the simplest solution. Sample code is for C# 2.0...

Using the System.Net.WebClient to Retrieve or Upload Data with C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 27, 2006
Views: 3,825 | Hits 480

The .NET framework provides an easy to use interface for retrieving resources from a specified URI or uploading content to a specified URI via HTTP. This interface allows developers to create Windows...

Display MS Excel Sheet and Chart in Aspx Page in C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 9, 2006
Views: 4,651 | Hits 467

It displays the same Excel Sheet Format and Charts in aspx page...

ObjectContext.SaveChanges is now Virtual/Overridable in EF4

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., September 29, 2009
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Last summer, I asked this question in a thread in the MSDN forums: So is there anyway to completely override savechanges - just replace it with your own code if for some reason you wanted to? The answ...

Linked List Using C# Generics

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 6, 2007
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Creating and using linked list class which has the provision to set the datatype dynamically using c# and generics...

In C#, When to use String verses string, December 29, 2007
Views: 1,862 | Hits 457

Just a short ramble on when to use string verses use String in C#. Basically they compile to the same IL code...

Reflexil, C# code injection in assemblies

Fabrice's weblog, September 5, 2007
Views: 3,618 | Hits 454

Nice to see that some old ideas start to come to life! Reflexil is not exactly like my Patcher suggestion, but it has some features of it.Here is the description taken from the Reflexil site:Reflexil ...

Visual C# 2008 Express Edition Now Available

MSDN: Visual C#, November 19, 2007
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The Visual C# 2008 Express Edition provides developers with powerful tools and language support to build rich, connected applications on the .NET Framework....

"Visual C# .NET compiler could not be created" - Possible solution

ISerializable, June 22, 2005
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"Project <Name> could not be opened because the Microsoft Visual C# .NET compiler could not be created" these things here, but for me it was something different. The path of  one of th...

VB.NET <-> C# Translator

Softwaremaker, November 11, 2005
Views: 3,866 | Hits 427

What an awesomeTranslator!!! Where was this a year ago when I had to port something from C# to VB.NET The next enhancement should have something that translates business re...

Review: Murach's C# 2005 - The #1 ASP.NET Community, July 25, 2006
Views: 2,346 | Hits 427

Anand reviews a great C# book which he consider is a must to have book for all developers who wish to learn Pure C# very effectively....

Tracing memory leaks in .NET applications with ANTS Profiler

Simple Talk, September 29, 2006
Views: 1,483 | Hits 427

With only 24 hrs to go to the release of his brand new C# 2005 CRM application, Mike Bloise encountered severe memory leak issues. This case study describes how he solved them using ANTS Profiler....

Save Web Page as Image

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 26, 2008
Views: 3,899 | Hits 425

Save any Web Page as image C# code, Capture Flash as Image...

Generic C# JSON generator to send any data to Javascript

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 23, 2008
Views: 3,319 | Hits 424

Generic C# JSON generator to send any managed data to Javascript and use the same syntax to access it...

EF4: Syncing Foreign Keys and EntityReference.EntityKey

Julia Lerman Blog - Dont Be Iffy..., October 20, 2009
Views: 3,168 | Hits 418

In EF version 1, a reference entity and it’s related EntityReference.EntityKey stay in sync when you change one or the other. E.g., if you have a sales order, it’s Customer property and th...

Creating a Treeview Menu in ASP.NET with C#

ASP.NET Daily Articles, August 16, 2006
Views: 3,883 | Hits 410

Most Web sites/Web applications have menus to navigate the site, but either you have to use complex DHTML or a third-party tool to provide the menu. Instead, you can use the Treeview control shipped w...

Survey Module in C# plus more C# code Examples

Shaun Walker, October 18, 2006
Views: 4,625 | Hits 409

There is not a lot of C# code examples out there for DotNetNuke Modules. I am working on a new tutorialthat will be in VB and C#. To prepare for it I made a C# version of the Survey Module. You can ge...

C# CSV Import

Andreas Kraus: C#, ASP.NET, SEO, August 17, 2008
Views: 4,482 | Hits 403

An old topic, I agree. Unfortunately we still can’t forget about CSV files and I see so many questions popping up on forums and especially on my blog related to this topic. Not every company features ...

Book Review: C# 3.0 In a Nutshell [O'Reilly] New Articles, October 23, 2007
Views: 1,760 | Hits 399

Review of the Albahari Bros. new reference book from O'Reilly.  read moreBy Peter Bromberg ...

Bspline Curves in c# New Articles, December 7, 2006
Views: 3,667 | Hits 395

B-spline curves share many important properties with Bezier curves, because the former is a generalization of the later. Moreover, B-spline curves have more desired properties than Bezier curves. The ...

A Naive Bayesian Spam Filter for C#

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 6, 2008
Views: 4,714 | Hits 394

A C# implementation of Paul Graham's Naive Bayesian Spam Filter algorithm....