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For a variety of reasons, we've kept the code at the core of the Atlas Control Toolkit - the ExtenderBase - as a binary-only part of the Toolkit. 

Well, get your favorite code-surfing drink ready because the ExtenderBase is now part of the Toolkit, which you can check out by picking up the latest checkins from CodePlex (you'll probably want change 2748 or later). 

Besides having the code in there, what does this mean:

First, I'd like to thank Microsoft.AtlasControlExtender.dll for it's service and contribution to the Toolkit, and to wish it the best of luck in Assembly Retirement land.  Microsoft.AtlasControlExtender.dll will no longer be with us; everything is now contained in the AtlasControlToolkit.dll. 

Second, if you're building on top of the Toolkit, you'll need to do some quick migration steps:

1) Remove all instances of (and references to) Microsoft.AtlasControlExtender.dll from your project

2) Replace all instances of "Microsoft.AtlasControlExtender" in your C#/VB/JS code with "AtlasControlToolkit"

That's it!

The big upside for us is two-fold.  It's now much easier to make changes and updates to the ExtenderBase.  We do want to minimize changes to this core component, but some make sense.  And second, it means we don't have to maintain two source control enlistments (one for the ExtenderBase, and one for the rest of the stuff), which makes things much simpler for us.

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