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Presenting at TechEd 2005: ARC412 Packaging Design and Architecture Guidance for Visual Studio

eXtensible mind, April 28, 2005
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It's an honor to be there presenting a new framework from Microsoft patterns & practices (developed jointly with Clarius Consulting) that I believe is a significant step forward in terms of packag...

Online Article: Service-Oriented Architecture

CoDe Magazine News, April 22, 2005
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Online Article: Service-Oriented ArchitectureService-Oriented Architecture, or SOA, is the newest acronym to become a buzzword among developers, IT Managers, and CTOs.It seems that everyone is talking...

First version of template for System architecture document is ready.

Natty Gur, April 20, 2005
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We just finished the first version of the template for system architecture document. The template based on RM-ODP but we modified it when we feel that our experience suggests adjustment or additions. ...

Nick Landry Confirmed as the Architecture Event Animator @ DevTeach

Guy Barrettes WebLog, April 15, 2005
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Good news.  The one and only Nick Landry has accepted to be the panel animator at the user group night architecture event at DevTeach. See my previous post:

Architecture Event @ DevTeach

Guy Barrettes WebLog, April 12, 2005
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A little scoop:  I'm working on a special software architecture user group meeting of  GUVSM to be held at DevTeach.  We'll have Joel Semeniuk talk about at subject to be determined.&nb...

Model Driven Architecture

Geek Speak, April 11, 2005
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I happened to attend a session on “Model Driven Architecture”. MDA is an open approach to address the business challenges in a technology oriented organization. MDA separates business and application...

COOL: Last Developer Standing Contest (MSDN Canada)

John Bristowes Weblog, April 6, 2005
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Red: "You have insulted my architecture. Now you must die." Yellow: "Ha! Your calls into System.Reflection are much too slow!" MSDN Canada has launched the Last Deve...

System architecture documentation template.

Natty Gur, March 29, 2005
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Ive already forgot how many resources running a site demand s:- ).    Ive started a workspace using wiki on the EA online group site ( ) to c...

Three most important points for enterprise architecture process success (IMO).

Natty Gur, March 23, 2005
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1)      Proven and existing methodology. EA is quit complex path to follow without proven methodology to follow you might well be doomed to fail. There are proven methodologie...

The Future of Microsoft SOA Client Architecture, my take

<ChristophDotNet, March 4, 2005
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I'm glad to see that Scott Bellware liked my IBF presentation this week. I hear that his TDD workshop was awesome as well. If nothing else, he managed to draw more people than I - or IBF - did. In som...

NEW: An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications (Version 2.0)

John Bristowes Weblog, November 2, 2004
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Version 2.0 of An Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and Its Specifications has been posted to MSDN. A great read; highly recommended. ...

MSMQ Channel - New Version

The Code Project Latest Articles, June 21, 2003
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New version of the MSMQ Custom Channel for the event driven distributed architecture....

Watchdog Management

The Code Project Latest Articles, May 30, 2003
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The Watchdog Management gives your architecture an event driven mechanism to control your business processing within the specified time. Using the Remoting Watchdogs allow to distribute an exception o...