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DevConn Highlights--Atlas

Dino Espositos WebLog, November 9, 2005
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It was my first exposure to MS delivered Atlas contents. It confirmed my early impression. ASP.NET Script Callback is born dead, though you can still use it effectively in a number of 2.0 apps ...

RadAjaxPanel Demystified

the telerik blogs, August 21, 2008
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Often I can look at one of our RadControls and know right away why using it offers a greater benefit than one of the built-in ASP.NET controls. The RadAjaxPanel is no different, but often I hear of co...

Date picker and Time picker in 2.0 using Ajax (With Atlas)

The Code Project Latest Articles, August 2, 2006
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Add a date picker and a time picker to your web pages...

Accordion menu

Aspects of AJAX, May 14, 2007
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I added another visual effect for HTML that is called an accordion menu by using a JavaScript Behavior. An accordion menu is a collection of multiple, stacked panels. Only one of them is visible...

How To: Make Tab control panels load "on-demand"

Shawn Burkes Blog, June 13, 2007
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Several people have asked about how to make the contents of their tabs load when the user first clicks them, thereby reducing initial page size. I can think of several ways to do this with varying lev...

Some RadToolTip tips & tricks

the telerik blogs, July 11, 2008
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I wrote this blog post in cooperation with our support officer Svetlina, who is in charge of answering tickets submitted for RadToolTip, RadSplitter and RadWindow. She has prepared a short list of tip...

Tree View AJAX Control

Aspects of AJAX, January 3, 2006
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The sample page is available at: Hierarchically structured data can be found in various places on this world. File systems, netwo...

How to: Optimize RadCombobox Ajax

the telerik blogs, June 18, 2007
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One of the nice things about attending conferences like TechEd is all of the direct feedback you get from Telerik "fans" (people that use the RadControls everyday and love them). These fans love to ...

SliderExtender layout and custom appearance

Atlas notes, December 10, 2007
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This post helps you understanding how the slider’s layout is structured and how to change the default appearance. Layout The Slider Extender replaces an extended asp:TextBox control with a g...

The ASP.Net Ajax Toolkit's PopupControlExtender

Fredrik Norméns Blog, January 3, 2007
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This post will show you how simple it is to use the PopupControl from the ASP.Net Ajax Toolkit to add a calendar control which will popup when a user select press a TextBox.   The PopupControl or...

Using Older AJAX Controls in Visual Studio 2008

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, November 6, 2007
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I've been testing the DotNetSlackers' AJAX Data Controls for a little bit and they're definately cool. I ran into an issue, however, when trying to build an app with one of the controls in Visual Stud...

'Atlas' UpdatePanel controls and Response.Write

mikes web log, July 27, 2006
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I was helping out yesterday in a hands-on lab for Atlas, and a guy showed me a problem he was having. He had a Calendar control inside an UpdatePanel control. Worked fine; when he clicked the days in ...

Atlas Samples

MarkItUp - Thinking Products, January 19, 2006
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If, like me you've been trying to keep abreast of the moving target which is "Atlas" you'll be excited to know that Nikhil has posted a bunch of recent samples that run against the Dec CTP of Atlas....

Posting Form Data to an ASP.NET ASMX AJAX Web Service with jQuery

Rick Strahls WebLog, September 8, 2010
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The other day I got a question about how to call an ASP.NET ASMX Web Service with the POST data from a Web Form (or any HTML form for that matter). The idea is that you should be able to call an endpo...

Auto complete text box using AJAX

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 24, 2006
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How simple it is to have your won autocomplete text in 2.0...

AJAX Progress Bar

Sahil Malik -, January 15, 2007
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Monitoring a long running process on your Web Server using an AJAX Progressbar. Reposting: This is another article that got lost when I redid my site. I've received numerous ...

ASP.NET Real-time Currency Converter using API (Google, Yahoo), Web service, and jQuery Ajax

The Code Project Latest Articles, July 15, 2012
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Here Im going to show a ASP.NET Real-time Currency Converter using Googles/Yahoos API , jQuery Ajax, Webservice, $.ajax beforeSend Success Error, Webservice ScriptService Attribute, WebClient Download...

Using Dynamic Populate extender

Shawn Burkes Blog, September 20, 2006
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David has a great post on using DynamicPopulate.  Check it out!...

ATLAS Web Service Chat Sample posted

Rick Strahls WebLog, April 10, 2006
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On my way home from ASP.NET connections I converted  the Anthem Chat Example run with ATLAS using low level Web Service functionality along with script code. I've posted this demo along...

How to run javascript init code upon AJAX update

the telerik blogs, November 27, 2006
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In a typical Html page you can simply hook the body.onload event and place your code in the respective javascript event handler. One possible approach is:...<body onload="initPage()"><scrip...

Passing Values Between Pages in ASP.NET 1.x and 2.0 articles, news and updates, July 16, 2006
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While reading up on what’s new about passing values between pages in APS.NET 2.0—namely cross-page postbacks—I noticed some folks complaining this wasn’t possible in 1.x, while...

Error: A ScriptManager is required on the page to use ASP.NET AJAX Script Components...

Shaun Walker, May 2, 2008
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Hmmm I'm just posting here in case anyone runs into this problem. I am sitting here happily programming away on my DotNetNuke module and then all of a sudden I get this error on any page that is using...

AJAX: Element ScriptManager is not a known element

Andreas Kraus: C#, ASP.NET, SEO, October 25, 2006
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If you moved from ATLAS to the new ASP.NET AJAX Beta1 you might encounter that kind of problem, all other controls are affected as well like Element ‘UpdatePanel’ is not a known element.To get around ...

SliderExtender: using the Slider as a Trigger for the UpdatePanel

Atlas notes, October 4, 2006
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I'm starting another iteration on the Slider extender for the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit vNext. The Slider has been included in the September release of the toolkit, and users started posti...

Building a AJAX enabled popup control

Aspects of AJAX, June 16, 2006
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When fetching the extra information costs a lot of resources (cpu, memory or time) on the server or is more than just a few words it is better to not include it into the page a...

AJAX Modal Dialog using UpdatePanel

ENTech Solutions Blog, July 18, 2006
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XLib library is pretty close to being complete. I should be done next week if everything goes according to plan. It will contain User Controls, Database classes, ATLAS integration and many other coo...

Quick Reference for the Atlas DataTable

Atlas notes, March 5, 2006
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This is a list of Q&A about the Web.Data.DataTable control provided by the Atlas framework. All the examples provided refer to a DataTable instance named dataTable. How can I get a DataTable insta...

Atlas: ModalUpdateProgress - An UpdateProgress Control in Modal Popup Style

The Code Project Latest Articles, November 14, 2006
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A progress indicator control that works in a modal popup style....

Introduction to Drag And Drop with Atlas

Atlas notes, January 17, 2006
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Quick overview The Atlas framework provides cross-browser support for drag&drop operations. Basically, to create a UI with drag&drop capabilities we need draggable items and drop targets. Dra...

Easy way to create a web-based AJAX SFTP Client application

ASP.NET Announcements, May 23, 2009
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  This topic will guide you how to create a web-based AJAX SFTP Client application with NetXtremeSshFtp component. This component can be downloaded from here:

Saving ASP.Net Form Data with jQuery AJAX and JSON Parser

The Code Project Latest Articles, October 27, 2009
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Using jQuery Ajax and JSON.Net parser to process ASP.Net webform data and avoid page post back...

Add a loading image to UpdateProgress Control

ASP.NET Announcements, February 9, 2007
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To add an image like a rotating circle or moving bar to the UpdateProgress Control is super easy.  Go to: and generate the type of image you would like to display.&...

AJAX Tab Container - Change Tabs

MrDaves (David Yack) Blog!, June 22, 2007
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AJAX Toolkit now has a tab control - as you start using it one of the things you might want to do is be able to switch tabs on the client side - from looking at the docs on the AJAXToolControl site th...

AJAX Indicators and Progress Icons

Jason N. Gaylords Blog, May 22, 2007
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Awhile back, Scott Guthrie had posted a blog entry about various progress icons and indicators. Here is the list that he posted: htt...

JavaScript window.SetTimeout to a JavaScript Class method or function with parameters?

Rick Strahls WebLog, March 28, 2006
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  Here's one I've been struggling with for a bit now. I need to make a setTimeout() call to a method or function inside of a class and pass a parameter. Say I'm in a method and inside of that met...

DataTable JSON Serialization in JSON.NET and JavaScriptSerializer

Rick Strahls WebLog, September 3, 2008
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I've been thinking about replacing the JSON serializer in my internal codebase for some time and finally put a little effort into allowing JSON.NET from James Newton King to be plugged into my Ajax fr...

Cross-page postback and form action

Jotekes Blog, November 30, 2006
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I was asked some time ago if one can post to a new window and I replied withYou can control where the post targets by changing form's action with script. For example: <asp:Button ID=...

Internet Explorer 8 and Maximum Concurrent Connections

Ajax.NET Professional, July 21, 2008
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As defined in 1999 (RFC 2616) “clients that use persistent connections should limit the number of simultaneous connections that they maintain to a given server. A single-user client SHOULD NOT m...

Multi User Chat Room Using ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 28, 2007
Views: 5,063 | Hits 675

Describes how you can build a multi user chat room using ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX extensions...

ScriptManager is ambiguous in the namespace System.Web.UI

Chris Love's Official Blog - Professional ASP.NET, May 5, 2008
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I suddenly found myself getting this error the first time I tried to run a freshly minted ASP.NET 3.5 web site with the ScriptManager in place on the Master Pages. I did a quick search, but only found...

How to... move from AjaxPro to ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods

Ajax.NET Professional, January 8, 2008
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In one of my last posts I blogged about the future of Ajax.NET Professional (AjaxPro) and that I'm not able to do further development on that project. A  lot of my readers feeling sad about this ...

Dynamic Slideshow of images using Ajax Toolkit

The Code Project Latest Articles, September 6, 2007
Views: 4,920 | Hits 582

This article shows how to display images in the form of slideshow dynamically...

Programmatically adding triggers to an UpdatePanel - Microsoft AJAX Library and ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions

Wallace B. McClure, September 26, 2006
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If you want to add a control to fire the UpdatePanel, you have to add the trigger.  You add this through the ScriptManager control.  The method is .RegisterAsyncPostBackControl(ControlN...

Ajax.Net Auto-Fill User Control

ASP.NET Daily Articles, July 22, 2006
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This is a user control for Visual Studio 2005 that provides you with an autofill textbox that drops down a list of items that matched the first letters that were typed in...

A closer look at Page methods

Atlas notes, August 23, 2006
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Live Demo  Source Code The Atlas framework allows to send asynchronous HTTP requests to a web server without reloading the current page and also to perform other tasks while waiting for the...

How to embed UpdatePanel in a Repeater

The Code Project Latest Articles, February 1, 2007
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This article describes how you can embed and populate updatepanels inside repeaters and handle their postbacks....

Atlas Update Panel and Server.Transfer

MrDaves (David Yack) Blog!, October 13, 2006
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 I've been doing a lot more Atlas...err... ASP.NET AJAX lately so expect to see more on the blog about that.  I still am not convinced that not keeping the Atlas tag around isn't useful.&nbs...

Common causes of "Sys is undefined" - developing for the new web, February 14, 2007
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Thanks to a forum post, I just learned that Chris Riccio has a blog! Chris is a test manager on the ASP.NET AJAX team. I've never actually met him, but he and his team have answered a number of questi...

Gaia Ajax 3.6 Beta Released! Free download of new Ajax GridView, 35++ Ajax Components and 100++ New Samples

ASP.NET Announcements, October 22, 2009
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Evaluate the new 3.6 Beta of the powerful Gaia Ajax component set for ASP.NET and Mono.Get free download hereIncludes 100++ Samples + Visual Studio IntegrationNew Online Samples:Ajax GridView Select, ...

JSONP for cross-site Callbacks

Rick Strahls WebLog, July 4, 2007
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Here's the JSONP code that uses the code I mentioned in my last post. JSONP is an unofficial protocol that allows making cross domain calls by generating script tags in the current document and expect...