Agile team evaluation

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Ive been thinking a bit about team evaluation. In the agile world, this is often done by looking at practices is the team doing pairing, are they doing story mapping, how long is their iteration length?

This is definitely a useful thing to do, but it can sometimes be too prescriptive; a specific practice needs to be good for a team where they are right now, and thats always clear. Im a big fan of not blocking checkin on code review, but I need something to replace it (continuous code review through pairing or mobbing) before it makes sense.

Instead, Ive tried to come up with a set of questions that focus out the outcomes that I think are most important and whether the team is getting better at those outcomes. Ive roughly organized them into four categories (call them Pillars if you must).


1: Delivery of Business Value

  • Is the team focused on working on the most important things?
  • Are they delivering them with a quality they are proud of?
  • Are they delivered in small, easy-to-digest chunks?
  • Is the team getting better?

2: Code Health

  • Is the code well architected?
  • Are there tests that verify that the code works and will continue to work?
  • Is the team getting better over time?
    • Is the architecture getting cleaner?
    • Is it easier to write tests?
    • Is technical debt disappearing?
    • Are bugs becoming less frequent?
    • Are better technologies coming in?

3: Team Health

  • Is the team healthy and happy?
  • Is there esprit de corps in the team?
  • Are team members learning to be better at existing things?
  • Are team members learning how to do new things?
  • Does the team have an experimental mindset?

4: Organization Health

  • Are changes in approaches by the team(s) leading to changes in the overall organization?
  • Are obstacles to increase speed and efficiency going away?
  • Are the teams trying different things and sharing their findings? Or is the organization stuck in a top-down, monocultural approach?
  • Is there a cleared vision and charter for the organization?
  • Does the organization focus on what and why and let the teams control the how?

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