Rolling Your Own Website Administration Tool - Part 2

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To help administer users, roles, and authorization settings, ASP.NET 2.0 includes the Web Site Administration Tool (WSAT), which is available from Visual Studio 2005 by going to the Website menu and then choosing the ASP.NET Configuration option. Launching the WSAT from Visual Studio, however, allows only local websites to be administered. Such restrictions are limiting when hosting a website remotely with a web hosting company. Consequently, I decided to build my own WSAT-like tool from the ground up. Part 1 of this article series provided an overview of this application and a look at the user management side of things.

This second and final installment looks at the remaining pieces of the custom WSAT application in detail: role management and specifying access rights. The complete application can be downloaded from the end of this article. For instructions on using my custom WSAT in a new or existing web application, refer back to the "Using My Custom Website Administration Tool" in Part 1. Read on to learn more about my custom WSAT's role management and access rights capabilities!
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