Building Interactive User Interfaces with Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX: Triggering Full Page Postbacks From An UpdatePanel

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The ASP.NET AJAX UpdatePanel provides a quick and easy way to implement a snappier, AJAX-based user interface in an ASP.NET WebForm. In a nutshell, Web controls within the UpdatePanel that would normally cause a full page postback trigger a partial page postback, instead. For example, a Button Web control, when clicked, submits the form, causing the browser to start a full page postback. However, if the Button control is within an UpdatePanel then the UpdatePanel short-circuits the full page postback and performs a partial page postback, using JavaScript to make an HTTP request to the server. The server realizes that the request is a partial page postback (and not a full page postback) and only returns the markup for the UpdatePanels on the page. When this response is returned to the browser, JavaScript code parses it and seamlessly updates the user interfaces in the UpdatePanels. (For a more in-depth look at the UpdatePanel control, refer back to the Using the UpdatePanel installment in this article series.)

While we usually want controls within the UpdatePanel to perform a partial page postback, there are scenarios where we need a full page postback. ASP.NET AJAX allows us two techniques for specifying that certain controls within the UpdatePanel should cause a full page postback. The simplest approach is to define the controls declaratively using the UpdatePanel's Triggers collection. It is also possible to programmatically specify that a particular control should perform a full page postback, which is useful when the control(s) that need to perform a full page postback are not created until runtime (such as the Buttons in a GridView).

This article looks at how to configure full page postbacks for particular controls within an UpdatePanel, exploring both the declarative and programmatic techniques. Read on to learn more!
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